Reinhard Karger
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Als Lucky in "Warten auf Godot", Tübingen 1976
In "Eben lacht es,
bumms da weint es ...",
Freiburg 1982

born on May 3rd in Tübingen / Baden-Württemberg
1972 Abitur at Albert-Einstein-Gymnasium Böblingen
1972–77 composition studies with Prof. Erhard Karkoschka at Musikhochschule Stuttgart
1974–75 studies in electronic music at "Instituut voor Sonologie" in Utrecht/Netherlands with Gottfried Michael Koenig
1977–78 studies in music and theatre at
"California Institute of the Arts" Los Angeles/USA
(composition with Morton Subotnick, indian music, courses in theatre acting and directing, conducting, gamelan dance and Tai Ch'i)
1978 title "Master of Fine Arts"
1979–83 postgradual composition studies with Brian Ferneyhough at Musikhochschule Freiburg/Br.
1972–80 scolarship holder of "Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes"
1980 composition award by Wilfried-Steinbrenner-Stiftung Berlin
1985 composition award by Landeshauptstadt Stuttgart
1985–87 director of theatre music at Staatstheater Kassel
1987–2005 freelance composer and theatre director
1990 co-founder of
"Musikzentrum im Kutscherhaus" in Kassel
1994–2005 lectures and projects in contemporary music
at GhK Universität Kassel
SS 2000 guest lectures in composition at the conservatory in Göteborg (Sweden)
SS 2001 guest lectures at Folkwang-Hochschule Essen
2001 author for the art magazine ARTES (Stockholm)
since 2004 member of the advisory council of Dr-Wolfgang-Zippel-Stiftung, Kassel
2004 culture award of the city of Kassel
(together with Verena Joos)
2005–2008 professor for contemporary music and projects at Universität Kassel
2006–2009  artistic director of the concert series
"soundcheck im Eulensaal ", Kassel

2007–2019 Univ.-Prof. in composition at University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna

2011–2013 Dean of the institute for composition and electroacoustics at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna
since 2012 Concerts, lectures, master classes and workshops in Sofia (Bulgaria), Shanghai (China), Hsinchu and Taipei  (Taiwan), Poznan (Poland), Freiburg (Germany), Gran Canaria und Teneriffa (Spane), Weimar (Germany) and Bratislava (Slowakia)
  Among others, Kargers works are performed by
Ensemble Modern (Frankfurt),
Ensemble Recherche (Freiburg),
Nieuw Ensemble (Amsterdam),
Kasseler Vocalensemble
Reinhard Karger lives as a composer and director
in Vienna together with the author and journalist Verena Joos
state: 2020-01  
Reinhard Karger
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